Energy Healing Session – 1h

When booking Is done, I will contact you in order to schedule exact timing when session will start.

All sessions are done remotely, with distance the energy gains more power, energy is beyond time and space because of their scalar, multidimensional nature.


Find a quiet and comftorable place, where you can be at peace, preferably alone and allow the energy to do its magic on you. You just need to sit or lay down or sleep and allowing the energy to work on you. You do not need to do anything, energy is spiritualy guided and it knows what do you need in this moment for your healing and wellbeing.

During session you can observe what is happening and allowing yourself to let go what is troubeling you; pain, accumulated stress, worries, traumas etc.

When I send you the energy, it will start to enter in your energy field through the chakras ( energy centers ) in your body.

The energy will start to heal you an all levels; mental/emotional/physical/spirit.

When healing energy which is pure love, starts entering into you field, all the lower vibrational energy will start to clear and purge out of your system, lower vibrations will start to adopt to high vibrations, it is a natural process.


The energy will start to remove:

  • Accumulated stress and negative charge
  • Painfull, unresolved memory from subconsciouss mind
  • Accumulated and supresses emotions
  • Fear from your Soul
  • Pain from you body
  • Accumulated negative thoughts and patterns
  • Mental programs and negative beliefs
  • Mental blocages

The energy will:

  • Start to heal your DNA
  • Start to clean your energy channels
  • Bring pure light/love into your cells
  • Raise your vibration/frequency
  • Lift your heart vibration on emerald frequency – very high freqency
  • Ground you
  • Give will dill you with love and positive inspiration


Every person is different so every experience varies, most of the people are feeling energy going through the body, light pressure in the body ( energy blocages ), warmth in the body, tingling sensations, uplifting sensations, different colors etc.

After the session the next day you may experience detox symptoms such as tiredness, sleepiness, irritability, need for more water. All these signs are great and it is a naturall process, which means the healing is succesfull and the old energy is leaving your system and during that time you need to give yourself love, drink plenty of pure water or watery fruits, meditate, chill, go for a walk in nature to allow the process to unfold.

Or you will just feel great, lots of love and uplifting emotions, clarity and understanding, deep peace and tranquility, much lighter and happier state of being.

Book your session today so your healing journey and spiritual growth with me can start! 🙂

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