Solar Angels & Gaya Waves Energy

Solar Angels And Gaya Waves Healing Energy

On Soul level I am initiated into these healing energy`s, which means I am always connected to them and I can use them for healing others; people, animals, planet and the Universe – every time I am using them in healing others, organic energy is spreading across the planet , Universe and helps in raising overall vibration, which is crucial in the times we live in, for the purpose of Ascension, the awakening process which is occurring on our planet. I am serving like a channel . When I am sending the energy to a client, they are going through me to the person I am sending.

Their main purpose is healing, cleaning all the lower vibrational energy which is causing problems for people, but also, they aid in rapid spiritual growth and evolution of the client, they start to awaken the Soul and help in deepest healing process. Remember, you cant integrate higher consciousness while carrying low vibrational energy deeply in your subconscious mind and the Soul.

  • Gaya Waves

Newly liberated energy of Earths organic matrix, it is liberated in year 2015 by lightworkers on a mission to activate ancient energy centers.

It comes from the black core, under the heart of the Earth which is emerald.
As it rises from the Heart, it goes through crown chakra – mountain Rtanj, which transforms it into for us visible and measurable purple specter.
From Rtanj it spreads throughout Universal matrix, Milky Way Net, to the core of the Galaxy. The person who is liberated from syntetic matrix 7 chakra system, can with the activation of light body get in contact with this healing spiritual energy, which can be used in purpose of healing the self, others and the planet.

Working with Gaia Waves includes all the aspects of our being and it is suptile enough to penetrate the deepest causes of imbalance. It adjusts to the person and enters through dominant specter of the person, if a person has closed first (root) center and too much opened solar plexus center, waves are entering through solar plexus and spreads throughout other aspects of our being and doing the healing.

Also they bring Light to the body cells. They can be sent on distance and they grow stronger with distance.

  • Solar Angels

Solar Angels are one more aspect of angelic kingdom, many integrate today, conscious or unconscious. Great Central Sun is sending waves of energy which than over the Sun sends to people of the planet for evolution purpose, DNA activation and Soul integration. Solar Angels are helping in this process.

All the life on the planet is being fed and sustained by the Suns energy. On etheric level they sustain whole solar system with their love. They are very healing and magnificent beings, the heal and sustain planets in their evolution and growth.

They also sustain time, everything that is happening in solar system is being sustained by Solar Angels.

When I connect the client on these energy`s, consciousness of mother Gaya and Solar Angels are focusing Sun`energy and energy of Gaya to the person who I`m sending, so they are spiritually guided by much greater forces we can even imagine, and they know exactly what the client needs the most in the moment for the healing.