First session was the most intense one, regarding the body sensations. First 15 minutes I thought something was lifting me out of the bed, like I am flying. Waves through the body.  I will never forget that!. Then with every other session, I had 10 of them, I had different experiences, sometimes I have felt like my belly is working, like something was closing the gap I had on solar plexus, sometimes waves of energy through the body, sometimes I felt my heart was healing, mostly some wow effects. And day after the session I was feeling so happy I could hug all the world. My focus is more on my inner world, my inner child, rather then the outside. Love towards myself is returning. I am more peaceful. People are smiling to me on the street, and before like I was invisible. I have lost 3 kilograms in 20 days because I do not need to eat like before the work with you, I have released  fears and traumas that I had feeding with food in order to suppress them. I am happy! I love again. I love myself and people around me. I turn the music loud and just feeling happy because life is again full of love. Thank you for everything and we are going to continue with sessions!  😊👍

Big Hug, Vanja

Irena P.

Dear Damir, so much, beauty and happiness, the last 15 min I was smiling to the tears, that you do not feel very often during healing. Phenomenal experience which results with deep peace, relaxing, abundance of strength and energy. Something remarkable. Thank you

My warm recommendations. Only love!

#solarangels #gaia

Željka P.

Daaaaaaamirrrrrr, it was awesome! I was even sleeping in the cloud of energy 😍. The start was in the crown, from head to toe the energy was flowing like the waves. Warmth, tingling and it still goes on. And the happines was indescribable. The smile was all the time over my face ;D . I was in the cloud of green color and really enjoying. The all of the sudden butterflies in my stomach like the time I was pregnant with my daughter, then the happy tears started to come out. It was toooooooo gooooooood. The heart is still flashing. 💞

Tanja M.

Big gratitude Damir and let the light always be with you. Yes I have survived :). At first I have felt the energy in my feet, mostly on pinkie toes. Then my Soul was detached from the body like a baloon in timeless space, just peace and tranquility … Then thougths started to emerge ( blockages ) …. It was very powerfull …. I coudnt stay in that vacuum for long, but regarding my first experience – MAGICAL …. some things cannot explain with words. I am hoping for your treatment in the future…. Waiting.

David D.

Thank you for the session Damir. I have felt tingling in my fists and hands and it was moving towards the shoulders, and after that towards heart chakra. Heart, subconsciouss, Soul. All the time the energy was moving in that directions. Thoughts emerged i going pass, i wasnt attached to them, I was a real observer …. Good vibes, light and love.

Nina V.

Hello Damir.

Thank you very much! You have helped me to find balance within myself.

I recommend. ❤️

Silvija T.


My experience during the session was very peacefull, I could call it “energetic massage”. I have felt waves of energy throughout the whole body and during session intensive warmth in palms. Also, in front of my eyes I could saw particles of light. After the session I was feeling very calm and regenerated. Peacefull.

Ivona G.

Thank you Damir. It was wonderfull, It has started with that beautiful energy around the heart and crown chakra, levitation , disconecction and merger…. Warmth in the hands and feets, which was rushing through the shoulders and crown chakra, then towards lower belly region and back. Many times I have doozed off. I have felt the energy going through my sacral and solar plexus centers, very good feeling. 🙂

Piero R.

What a blis!

So, it has started with tingling sensations through the feet, but right away it went throughout the whole body. Very deep feelings. But the tingling was very pleasant, I am feeling big relief.